So Long American Apparel – ‘Made In USA’ Brand Closing Down Fashion 

So Long American Apparel – ‘Made In USA’ Brand Closing Down

It looks like it’s almost time to wave goodbye to the “Made in USA” brand that brought us disco pants and deep V-necks. American Apparel, a brand that was made famous for its controversial CEO and its NSFW ads, will be calling it quits fairly soon. So before the doors are shut, run to your closest store and stock up now!
Announced last week, the Bankruptcy Court approved Canadian manufacturer, Gildan, $88M bid to purchase American Apparel.

This news should not be coming to any surprise, especially for those who have recently shopped the brand’s discounted sale racks. From lawsuits, to immigration crackdown, to fast-fashion trend, these challenges became too much for the “Made in USA” brand to handle. It became to difficult for the brand to stay afloat, especially with the brand’s bankruptcy claims, public leadership scandals, and financial struggles.


Unfortunantely, AA won’t be able to continue moving past 27 years of history. But let’s take the time to appreciate how AA was able to head the millennial hipster trend.

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