Ryan Reynolds to Return As the Green Lantern? Entertainment 

Ryan Reynolds to Return As the Green Lantern?

In 2011 the film Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds as the heroic character, was released. The movie didn’t pan well with critics and audiences alike, causing the studio to abandon plans for a sequel, but with the recent work on the DC Cinematic Universe, things are looking up for the Green Lantern character. If Reynolds will actually return as the hero is still under question, as there are 5 other actors in consideration for the role.

Reynolds isn’t new to the comic book movie game, as he has played the character Deadpool not once, but twice – first being terrible, with the second time around making up for that awful experience. After much success with the 2016 release of Deadpool, Reynolds has cemented his worth in the industry, with the executives at DC looking at the actor to make his return to the series.

Other actors in consideration for the role include Bradley Cooper, Joel McHale, and Tom Cruise.

The upcoming Green Lantern Corps film is slated to release some time in 2020, and we’re excited to see if Reynold makes a return or executives at DC decide to go a different route. Regardless the outcome we’re interested to see what’s in store for the hero.

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