Lambert Refusing Interviews, Will Let Music Speak For Her! Music 

Lambert Refusing Interviews, Will Let Music Speak For Her!

Miranda Lambert has completely refused to engage in any interviews to help advertise her most recent album release. This is mostly because she wants to avoid making the same errors as Blake following his album release, and Gwen, who were notorious for heavily promoting their albums on news outlets – often “digressing” to talking about their newfound love.
“Miranda was given spots in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Economist . . . but she went to her manager and stated, ‘I won’t do any promoting, I need my music to speak for itself’ ” a source told Radar Online.
“She said she’d only perform on TV (Late Night shows and so on). Miranda forced her publicists to turn all magazine and newspaper interviews down. She said, ‘Blake and Gwen did an immense amount of promoting via news sources and their albums didn’t sell.’ She wants to go the “Old School” route and let her music speak for itself.” Miranda launched her sixth record, “The Weight of These Wings,” off last Thursday, and a few of her tunes are based on her past marriage with Blake and her most recent lover Anderson East. If you’re familiar with the singer’s love life, it’s quite the emotional listen.
Anderson collaborated with Miranda and sung a chorus part in the song “Pushin’ Time.” “I am so proud of ma girl. She’s a true voice, a true artist, and a true friend” he wrote in an Instagram post on Saturday. On “Pushin’,” she sings, “Are we fools for rushing in cuz I already dread the end. Lonely ain’t no place to start, guess that’s just where we’re . . . If it has to end in tears, I hope it’s in 60 years.”
Her reprefused to comment on any of our question
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